“Houston, we have a problem”

What is up with people and their meth labs? I have no idea why you would ever try to make one because the process of making methamphetamine is highly dangerous but   obviously people don’t care. Unfortunately stuff like this happens.

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Picture by: Ashtabula Division of Fire/AP


Who do you think is going to be our President?

I tell you what, I am thoroughly disappointed with our selection as far as who is going to be President. Okay, I’m done with Obama, Mitt Romney looks like a criminal, Rick Santorum doesn’t know what he is talking about, Ron Paul might pass away from old age and poor Newt has tried too many times. I just have no idea who I am going to vote for. I might not vote at all that way I can’t be disappointed with the decision.

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Modern Day’s housing market

I think that it is starting to get ridiculous how much houses are these days. I own a house and we paid $120,000 for it. Needless to say, it’s not very big. It’s awful how much $120,000 gets you. Not much. Hopefully the housing market will come back to normal in a couple of years. It would be a shame if we didn’t even get half of what we paid for our house if we were to sell it.

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Walking is tiring

I think that I need to purchase a Segway because I am getting tired of walking. On another note, I am getting tired of people thinking that they have the right away to walk when there is no pedestrian crossing! I don’t know how many people I’ve almost taken out because they think that a 2000 pound vehicle should yield to them.

Pumpin Iron

I think that my back is going to fall apart. I just had a great workout, I just wish that I could eat they way that you are supposed to eat but that is kind of expensive. I think that I need to get a sponsor.

About the rec center

I believe that our EIU Rec Facility is very nice, however, I think that the school should purchase some heavier dumbells. Eventually I will be able to lift the 100 pound dumbbells with ease. I am sure that they could find some cheap sets. I think that 105’s through 150’s would be sufficient. I also believe that the space for lifting should be expanded somehow because around lunch time is gets pretty crowded in there. If there was just a little bit more space then you wouldn’t be forced to wait all of the time for a machine to use.

This assignment

This blog assignment is quite tedious but interesting.